Your Breakthrough Is Closer Than You Think

Deep down, you sense a yearning for something more, a call to step into your true potential. The answers you seek are already within you, waiting to be discovered. It's time to shed the narratives that have held you back and embrace the clarity of your authentic self.

When life feels chaotic, it often signals an impending transformation - a metamorphosis that requires your readiness to unfold. Remarkable transformations don't occur in the blink of an eye. They demand time, effort, and a fair share of emotional turbulence. If you've navigated these waters and are now eager to uncover what's been holding you back, ready to seek answers and take decisive action, then your extraordinary transformation can commence this very moment!

Envision yourself standing tall in your true power, no longer confined by the illusion of who you're supposed to be.

Picture the exhilaration of embodying the most genuine, unfiltered version of you.

✗ No more barriers of fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty.

✗ No more self-imposed limitations due to ingrained beliefs.

✗ No more settling for less in your business and life due to fear of failure.

The time has come for the REAL you to rise!

👑 The REAL you who navigates life with purpose and intention.

👑 The REAL you who unleashes the QUEEN within, refusing to play small.

👑 The REAL you who defies the status quo and celebrates her uniqueness.

You KNOW this woman resides within you.

You can sense her yearning to break free.

So, the choice is yours. Will you tread the familiar path or are you ready to leap onto the path that beckons you forward?

Welcome To Breakthrough Your Limits

A powerful 7-week program designed for ambitious, driven, fierce women who crave more from life and business.

There's a woman within you yearning for more.

Desiring more.

Requiring more.

Yet, unsure of what it is or how to attain it.

During this 7-week journey, we'll awaken the queen within, assist her in clarifying her goals, identify what's hindering her, and learn how to conquer the limiting beliefs that keep her from her throne.

You and I both understand that you yearn for MORE in your life and business.

And when I speak of wanting and achieving more, I mean an abundance of EVERYTHING.

More joy.

More self-assurance.

More time.

More vitality.

More wellness.

More wealth.

More love.

More clients.

More determination and commitment.

More inspiration and audacity.

More sound decisions.

More of everything…

Before you decide to embark on this journey, let's delve into how "Breakthrough Your Limits" will guide you there.

Here's What We Will Cover:

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  Week #1
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  Week #2
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  Week #3
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  Week #4
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  Week #5
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  Week #6
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  Week #7
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  Bonus Material
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Here's What The Journey Will Look Like:

  • Seven Weeks of Mindset Transcendence: Engage in a weekly transformative module over seven weeks, dedicated to transcending mental limitations and cultivating empowering narratives.

  • Beautifully Crafted PDF Worksheets for Narrative Crafting: Access elegantly designed worksheets aimed at deepening your integration of the course material, empowering you to craft new, supportive narratives aligned with your bold and confident self.

  • Confident Boss Babe Meditation: Embrace the "Confident Boss Babe" meditation—a powerful tool designed to elevate your mindset and align you with the bold, confident woman you aspire to be.

  • Weekly Narrative Crafting, and Transformation: Experience a weekly journey of narrative crafting, and transformation, empowering you to break through mental constraints and step into your empowered self.

  • Lifetime Access for Continued Growth: Enjoy lifetime access to the course, enabling you to revisit and reinforce your new narratives at your own pace, fostering sustained growth and confidence.

  • Exercises and Homework for Mindset Embodiment: Engage in purposeful exercises and homework tailored to facilitate the embodiment of a confident mindset, enabling you to apply newfound narratives directly to your life.

This course is a deliberate journey toward transcending mental limitations, crafting new empowering narratives, and embodying the confident and empowered woman you aspire to be.

You Are Invited On The Journey

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This course is designed for the woman who:

⭐️Is prepared to live life on her own terms.

⭐️Recognizes her potential for more and is ready to embrace her purpose.

⭐️Is eager to bridge the gap between her current state and her aspirations.

⭐ ️ Wishes to reclaim her unique greatness and live it confidently.

⭐️Is prepared to let go of the emotional baggage that no longer serves her.

⭐️Aspires to break free from stagnation and become unstoppable.


Annette Carter

Social Media Strategist

Before working with Kendra, I felt frustrated and angry emotionally and professionally. As a new business owner, old beliefs hindered my progress, leaving me feeling hopeless.

Choosing to work with Kendra, whose love and warm energy are infectious, transformed my experience. She was passionate, intuitive, and insightful, quickly identifying my challenges.

Working with her, I never felt judged. Her strategy, which I still use, has led to self-love, clarity, focus, a six-figure job offer, new prospects, and a return to feeling like myself.

I plan to continue working with her and implementing her strategies, recognizing her long-term value and my own worth.

Pamela Slaughter


Before working with Kendra, I was just starting in real estate, balancing it with my hiking group. Kendra's advice to trust my intuition led to a successful personal approach in an important listing appointment, resonating with clients and securing my hire.

Her guidance helped me excel in my first keynote speaking role. She taught me the value of following my diverse interests without feeling scattered. This approach brought unexpected opportunities and support, highlighting the power of generosity and authenticity.

Now, with a clearer business plan, I'm taking daily steps towards it and am grateful to Kendra for unlocking my potential. I'm revisiting her exercises and considering further coaching to reach new heights.

Dr. Kimberly Jefferson

Wellness Coach

After a discovery call with Kendra Woods, I was certain about working with her. She understood exactly what I needed for my journey of becoming.

Previously, I felt like I was "sitting on my greatness," hiding and yearning to be okay with my evolution. Doubting myself in this "in between place" made progress difficult.

In our first session, I realized why I felt overwhelmed. Kendra's mindset guidance, full of love and authenticity, was crucial. As an entrepreneur, understanding mindset felt like trying to paint with red when all you have is blue. Kendra's successful journey inspired me.

Choosing her as my coach was based on her loving, authentic nature and success. She connects deeply with clients, speaking from her heart.

Post-sessions, I've learned to move forward from the heart, exploring endless possibilities with excitement.

You Are Invited On The Journey

Use the promo code "COURSE60" to receive a 60% discount until 11:59 pm on 12/31.

Meet Your Guide: Kendra Woods

Embracing the essence of a 6/2 Splenic Projector, Kendra Woods has journeyed through the past four transformative years, embodying her unique energetic blueprint. As she steps onto this path, she emerges not just as an individual, but as an energetic guide, a nurturing teacher, and a devoted coach—a beacon for ambitious, high-achieving, and heart-centered women.

In her core, Kendra carries an unwavering belief—an unshakable conviction that each of us holds a precious gift, a purpose nestled within, yearning to be shared with the world. Guided by dreams and the profound journey of manifesting them, Kendra radiates the spirit of someone who's walked the talk, who's danced with dreams until they became reality.

But Kendra's journey isn't just personal—it's about empowerment, inner alignment, and nurturing personal power. These principles aren't mere words; they're the very foundation on which she has crafted her life. As a Human Design Alignment Guide, Kendra takes these principles and weaves them into her work, infusing her guidance with the essence of authentic living.

As the heart behind Soulful Success By Design, Kendra's

vision is clear: success is a tapestry woven uniquely for each soul. She holds the torch that illuminates the truth—the path to inner fulfillment springs from understanding how our individual energy dances with the world around us.

With infectious enthusiasm, Kendra kindles a fire in the hearts of women, inspiring them to paint their canvas of life and business with the hues of their design, their essence. Her forte lies in orchestrating flow instead of resistance—aligning life and business with the natural rhythm that flows within.

Kendra isn't just a guide; she's your fellow journeyer, your companion on this journey of design, purpose, and empowered success. Her warmth, her wisdom, and her passion are woven into every step she takes, inviting you to step into the radiant tapestry of your own aligned ambition.

Welcome to a journey guided by Kendra's heart, where your own heart finds its echo, and where your dreams find a nurturing embrace.

You Are Invited On The Journey

Use the promo code "COURSE60" to receive a 60% discount until 11:59 pm on 12/31.